Why We Love SensorTower.

Here at Thinking Monkey we're always scanning the app store for new opportunities, better keywords, and ways to improve our apps. SensorTower is our go to tool for this. It allows us to easily find and target a strong set of keywords to drive visibility.  We love that Sensor Tower will make recommendations to help us avoid chasing the wrong keywords, for example it tells us when we're including keywords that are already in our app’s title. It also recommends keywords we should target. We love how it provides us traffic levels and how difficult it is to rank for that keyword allowing us to better position our apps. Also, the one-click translation feature is something we can live without!  SensorTower is a great tool for ASO, market research as well as the overall monitoring of several of our KPIs. We love it and sure you will too. Check them out here: https://sensortower.com